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Quiz Quiz Quiz Blog

There aren’t many blogs about quizzing. I can’t imagine why – it’s pretty much the best hobby ever (educational, builds social skills, there is booze involved) and there is tons to discuss! Tactics, favourite questions, trickiest rounds, round-buying etiquette of a quiz team, team names, prizes, keeping a spreadsheet of all your team’s results and who in the team scored which points so you can see who is and isn’t pulling their weight. Lots of things to talk about.

The best dedicated quiz blog I’ve seen so far is by the team at Quiz Quiz Quiz, a company  who provide a service designed to meet everyone’s quiz needs. Not only do they host quiz nights for pubs, corporate events and charity quiz nights, they also write questions for TV, print and those infuriating but addictive quiz machines in pubs.Their directors have appeared on University Challenge, Fifteen to One and the Weakest Link among other shows. These are serious quiz pros. These are the people I dream of being one day.

The blog on their website is a humorous and interesting look at quizzing for the perspective of a quiz compiler or quizmaster (rather than a lowly punter like me) and covers important topics like how to prevent cheating, writing quizzes that people of all ages have a fair chance at, and this great post on the pros and cons of different team sizes. Check out the rest of the blog here and leave them some nice comments.